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Diseño Emergente


Aparato que se desconecta del enchufe cuando el aparato estA? cargado, diseA�ado por Conor Klein, estudiante de diseA�o en USA. Pueden ver un video del aparato en uso aquA�.

[English – quoted from thedw] The a�?Outlet Regulatora�? by Rhode Island School of Design studentA�Conor Klein forcibly disconnects itself from its power supply when the electronic device being charged reaches its energy capacity, thus avoiding needless (and costly) energy over-consumption. Click here to see a video of the outlet regulator in action.

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Idea de packaging por Yael Miller order ciprofloxacin uk. para utilizar la tapa de aluminio como cuchara.

[English – quoted from the designer] A conceptual design by Yael Miller for a folding diagram to help consumers use the foil seal on yogurt and pudding containers as a makeshift spoon in a pinch.

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DespuA�s de mucho buscar por un mapa moderno y simple, los diseA�adores detrA?s de These are things decidieron diseA�ar e imprimir uno propio. Ahora lo fabrican y lo venden aquA�. El mapa es serigrafiado a mano en cuatro colores y mide 50×76 centA�metros.

[English – quoted product website] ‘All we wanted was a simple, modern world map. When our search turned up nothing but glossy posters and cheap antique reproductions, we knew it was time to design our own. Our map is hand-silkscreened in four colors on heavyweight stock and measures 20″x30″. We’ve labeled a selection of countries and oceans. Pin it up, frame it, or mount it to foamcore and chart your journeys with map tacks.’ Designed by J+O from These are things, on sale here propecia fast delivery. .

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Silla flexible, diseA�ada por Chishen buy cat antibiotics online. Chiu, fabricado por Pinzaan Company.

[English] Flexible buy cortisone shots online. forniture, designed by Chishen Chiu, manufactured by Pinzaan Company.

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Pasta de dientes que se abre por ambos lados, para personas que no les gusta compartir. Si vives con tu amigo o pareja, cada uno tiene su lado y no hay peleas. AdemA?s, sirve para sacar ese poco de pasta de dientes de forma fA?cil. Idea de generic stendra. Dominic Wilcox.

[English – quoted from the designer] ‘A two way toothpaste, ideal for those who get angry with their partner for squeezing the toothpaste from the front. Simply open the other end and squeeze from the back as demonstrated below. Also quite useful for getting the last of the paste out of the bottom.’A�A�Idea by Dominic Wilcox.

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Mesa diseA�ada por Quentin de discount methotrexate canadian perscrio. Coster, estudiante de diseA�o Belga quien pidiA? a niA�os que dibujaran perros para llegar al diseA�o final.

[English – quoted from the designer] ‘Animal is the result of a reflection on the formal and stereotypical perceptions related to the world of childhood. In an attempt to identify the formal universe in which children aged five years evolve, they were asked to draw tables and dogs. The design of animal viagra wholesale uk. was then created from drawings and constraints applicable to shape wood. In this way, the furniture takes on a simplified animal appearance, which beyond fun aspirations, allows it to exist without being used. The outgrowth of the shelf which represents head, gives the child a convenient storage within arm’s reach communicating directly with the work plan’.

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Parlante mascota, rimadyl. diseA�ado por Matteo Civic.

[English] Audio speaker that looks like a little puppy. Designed by Matteo buy bisoprolol. Civic.

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PequeA�o accesorio tridimensional magnA�tico para colgar tus llaves, diseA�ado por TomA?s BedA?s.

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[English] Tridimensional magnetic board for your keys, designed by TomA?s BedA?s.

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Proyecto que buy generic lexapro overnight. pretende otorgar privacidad sin sacrificar estilo.

[English] Procure public intimacy retin-a cream mail order sales. in a flash with Veasyble.

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Moldes para hacer galletas con la forma de la famosa tipografA�a suiza. DiseA�adas por Beverly Hsu.

[English] Helvetica cookie cutters, designed by Beverly Hsu.

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