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Packaging para audífonos Panasonic, diseñado en Alemania por la agencia Scholz & friends.

[English] Headphone packaging designed by German agency Scholz & friends for Panasonic.


Diseñado por Subconscious Co. para TrueCoffee.

[English] Designed by Subconscious Co. for TrueCoffe.

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Packaging para Fazer por Hasan & partners.

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Envase diseñado por Gonglue Jiang.

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Idea de packaging por Yael Miller para utilizar la tapa de aluminio como cuchara.

[English - quoted from the designer] A conceptual design by Yael Miller for a folding diagram to help consumers use the foil seal on yogurt and pudding containers as a makeshift spoon in a pinch.

Miller via SSC




Pasta de dientes que se abre por ambos lados, para personas que no les gusta compartir. Si vives con tu amigo o pareja, cada uno tiene su lado y no hay peleas. Además, sirve para sacar ese poco de pasta de dientes de forma fácil. Idea de Dominic Wilcox.

[English - quoted from the designer] ‘A two way toothpaste, ideal for those who get angry with their partner for squeezing the toothpaste from the front. Simply open the other end and squeeze from the back as demonstrated below. Also quite useful for getting the last of the paste out of the bottom.’  Idea by Dominic Wilcox.


Packaging minimalista de azucar, diseñado por Mousegraphics.

[English] Minimalistic sugar packaging, designed by Mousegraphics.

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La agencia de diseño The Creative Method quería hacer un regalo original a sus clientes, el cual reflejara su humor y creatividad. Decidieron entonces fotografiar expresiones faciales para luego crear etiquetas únicas para cada botella, invitando a sus clientes a hacer lo mismo.

[English, quoted] ”The aim was to create a unique gift to give our clients at Christmas and to act as a new business introduction. It needed to remind them of who we are and the long hours that we put into our work. It needed to feature all of our staff, reflect our creativity and sense of humor. The print run was 5000 labels. We obtained high quality cleanskin wines and created our own labels. Each label was based on one staff member. It included a number of facial features and the client is encouraged to BYO – Build Their Own. The wine and the label is the perfect substitute for when the real thing cannot be there.” Project by The Creative Method.

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Envase conceptual, diseñado por Petar Pavlov, que permite cerrar el envase una vez abierto los Doritos.

[English] Doritos packaging concept, designed by Petar Pavlov.

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Diseñado por Soon Mo Kang.

[English] Hanger tea designed by Soon Mo Kang.

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