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Easy Spaghetti

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[Diseño emergente del día] Al estudiante de diseño Neal Fletcher le pidieron que eligiera un producto difícil de empaquetar para llegar a una solución. Recordó los problemas de medidas que tiene al cocinar cialis and tinnitus spaghettis e ideó una caja que divide el contenido en porciones. Diseñó una pirámide que contiene tres porciones, un prisma hexagonal para seis y un prisma octagonal para ocho.

[English] Idea by design student Neal Fletcher. “We were asked to choose one of five difficult objects to package, I chose spaghetti. I wanted to address a problem I always have when buy generic viagra cooking spaghetti, that problem being that I always use too much. So I somehow wanted to build something into the packaging that aided portion control, so I came up with this Hexagonal Prism, order cialis online 6 sided; thus there are six servings. It’s refillable and reusable and there’s also the potential for more shapes, for example triangle: 3 servings, octagon: 8 servings etc.”