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Safe alternatives for treating pregnancy heartburn including over-the-counter tums or mylanta, and prescription medications including h2 blockers tagamet, zantac and pepcid and other proton pump inhibitors like prevacid, aciphex and nexium , which have a category b rating, which indicates that they re routinely and safely used during pregnancy.

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It is unknown i this mdication passs intbast milk. Howv, simila dugs pass intbast milk. Th cts on a nusing inant a unknown. Consult you doctbbast-ding.

Hypsnsitivity actions includd acial swlling, hypotnsion, dyspna, ythma, and bullous actions; ths actions typically solvd at discontinuation.

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Btaking abpazol, tll you doctphamacist i you a allgic tit; tsimila dugs (such as lansopazol, ompazol); i you hav any oth allgis. This poduct may contain inactiv ingdints, which can caus allgic actions oth poblms. Talk tyou phamacist mdtails.

“I took Aciphx th last ya. It livd th symptoms VY wll. Howv, it didn’t hal any my poblms. I still hav osiv sophagus, and I still hav chonic gastitis. Son tth nxt. “

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