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Albendazole tablets are used for treating infections caused by the pork tapeworm in the.

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Albndazol is a whit tyllowish powd. It is ly solubl in anhydous omic acid and vy slightly solubl in th and in mthyln chloid. Albndazol is pactically insolubl in alcohol and in wat.

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I you hav an allgy talbndazol any oth pat this mdicin (albndazol tablts). I you a ic metronidazole. allgic tany dugs lik this on, any oth dugs, oods, oth substancs. Tll you doctabout th allgy and what signs you had, lik ash; hivs; itching; shotnss bath; whzing; cough; swlling ac, lips, tongu, thoat; any oth signs.

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