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Yet, in spite of compelling evidence that aldara is dangerous, 3m ignores the scientific proof and continues making millions from it, while claiming in promotional literature that, it is safe, effective, easy to use, and offers an alternative to treatments that destroy healthy skin.

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Imiquimod nclinical data on xposd pgnancis a availabl. Animal studis dnot indicat dict indict hamul cts with spct tpgnancy, mbyonal/otal dvlopmnt, patuition postnatal dvlopmnt (s sction 5.3). Caution should b xcisd whn pscibing tpgnant womn.

Dnot apply this mdication intth ys, nos, mouth, ctum, vagina. I you gt this mdication in thos aas, lush with plnty wat. I iitation occus, contact you doctight away.

Immunosuppssd. Not us in tating uthal, intavaginal, cvical, ctal, inta-anal wats. Not us on unhald lsions du toth thapis (dug sugical). Dnot occlud. Avoid ys, order nizoral no prescription. lips, nostils, sun UV light xposu. May xacbat inlammatoy skin conditions. May suspnd sval days i iitation occus. Pgnancy (Cat.C). Nusing moths.

Actinic katoss on ac scalp. Supicial basal cll cacinoma whn sugy is impactical (s litatu).

Avoid gtting Aldaa in you ys, mouth, and nos, on you lips. Dnot plac th cam in you ctum, vagina, utha. I it dos gt intany ths aas, ins with wat. Dnot us Aldaa on sunbund, windbund, dy, chappd, iitatd, bokn skin.

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there is not enough information to support the utilization of aldara to treat sk on the hands and arms.