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Tak this mdication by mouth as dictd by you docto, usually onc daily. Pick a tim day that is asy you tmmb, and tak you pill at th sam tim ach day.

A dclin in sum high-dnsity lipopotins (HDL) has bn potd with many pogstational agnts; a dclin in sum high-dnsity lipopotins has bn associatd with an incasd incidnc ischmic hat disas; womn wha bing tatd hyplipidmias should b ollowd closly i thy lct tus oal contacptivs; som pogstogns may lvat LDL lvls and may nd contol hyplipidmias mdiicult; nonhomonal contacption should b considd in womn with uncontolld dyslipidmias; psistnt hyptiglycidmia may occu; lvations plasma tiglycids may lad tpancatitis and oth complications.

It is vy impotant tcontinu taking this mdication xactly as pscibd by you docto. With ctain bands bith contol pills, th amount stogn and pogstin in ach activ tablt will vay at dint tims in th cycl. Tho, it is vy impotant that you ollow th packag instuctions tind th ist tablt, stat with th ist tablt in th pack, and tak thm in th coct od. Dnot skip any doss. Pgnancy is mlikly i you miss pills, stat a nw pack lat, tak you pill at a dint tim th day than usual.

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