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Before taking lanoxin, tell your doctor if you have any of the following any heart conditions, especially av block; history of a heart attack; kidney disease; a thyroid disorder; an electrolyte imbalance such as low levels of calcium, potassium, or magnesium in your blood ; or if you are malnourished or have recently been sick with vomiting or diarrhea.

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Intravenous calcium beta-blockers sympathomimeticsused to treat heart attack and low blood pressure

Certain products which affect the heartamiodaroneflecainideprazosinpropafenonequinidinecertain antibioticserythromycinclarithromycintetracyclinegentamicintrimethoprimitraconazoleused to treat fungal infectionsspironolactonea drug which increases the amount of urine you producealprazolama sedative which may be used to treat anxietyindomethacinused to treat inflammationquininemay be used to prevent malaria infectionpropanthelineused to prevent muscle spasmsnefazodonean antidepressantatorvastatinlowers blood cholesterolcyclosporinean immunosuppressant often used to prevent transplant rejectionepoprostenolused to treat pulmonary arterial hypertensiontolvaptanused to treat low blood sodium levelsconivaptanused to treat low blood sodium levelscarvedilolused to treat mild to severe congestive heart failure and high blood pressureritonavirused to treat HIV infection and AIDStaleprevirused to treat hepatitis C infectiondronedaroneused to treat irregular heart-beatranolazineused to treat chest paintelmisartanused to treat high blood pressurelapatinibused to treat breast cancerticagrelorused to prevent heart attack or strokeverapamilused to treat high blood pressurefelodipineused to treat high blood pressuretiapamilused to treat chest painP-glycoprotein inhibitors.

This medicine could be given to the mother to treat abnormally high heart rate and congestive heart failure in the unborn child.

Tell your doctor right away if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occurweaknessmental/mood changesvision changessuch as blurred or yellow/green visionenlarged/tender breasts in men.

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